Pimp Stixxx Motorcycle Detailing System

Pimp Stixxx In Action

Set Up

Pimp Stixxx work best if they are laid out on a light colored cloth so you can see all of your options as hard-to-reach areas arise while you “Pimp out your ride”.

Pimp Stixxx In Action | Motorcycle Detailing System

This is truly a “component system”. You can connect all the pieces together to achieve lengths of up to 24” of handle plus the desired cleaning head, or curves like the one you see here. You can put cleaning heads on both sides in lieu of a butt-end cap to be used like a “Dental tool”, flipping back and forth between either cleaning head. After wrapping the rag around the head, give the tool a twist to lock the rag onto the component cleaning head. Cleaning Heads can be ground down, using a grinder or belt sander, to customize the shape, or size to fit your particular needs. You can purchase additional Cleaning Heads. Insure the surface of the cleaning head is free of ALL sanding or grinding material (i.e.; sand/grit) after re-shaping.

Detail Mfg., Inc./Pimp Stixxx Division is not responsible for damage caused by grinding or reshaping the cleaning heads.

Pimp Stixxx In Action | Motorcycle Detailing System
Head Cleaner

This is easily the most usable Cleaning attachment in the system. It can be bent 180 degrees to either side, and not break. (This is obviously not a requirement to clean anything). It is designed to clean between head cooling fins but will flex into many tight, hard-to-reach areas.

Small and Large Chisel Cleaner
Block Cleaner
Pick Cleaner